where to buy fenugreek

Where to Buy Fenugreek?

What is fenugreek? - Fenugreek is one of the world’s oldest medicinal herbs.  It has a variety of uses, including increasing breastmilk production.

Fenugreek is frequently used by lactating women to increase milk supply.

Fenugreek seeds are thought to be a galactagogue that is often used to increase milk supply in lactating women. Because the maple syrup-like flavor is strong and not always liked, the seeds are ground to a powder and administered in capsules. Many lactating women who take fenugreek in the quantities required to increase their milk supply notice that their skin exudes a distinct “maple syrup” aroma.
Fenugreek and breastfeeding – Fenugreek seeds contain hormone precursors that increase milk supply.
Researchers do not know for sure just how this happens.  It is possible because breasts are modified sweat glands, and fenugreek stimulates sweat production.  It has been noted that fenugreek can increase a nursing mother’s milk supply within 24 to 72 hours after first taking the herb.  Once the required level of milk production is reached, most women can stop taking fenugreek and maintain the milk supply with adequate breast stimulation.  Many women today take fenugreek in a pill form (ground seeds placed in capsules).

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Fenugreek can also be taken in tea form, although tea is believed to be less potent than the pills and the tea comes with a bitter taste that can be hard to stomach.

Fenugreek is not right for everyone.  The herb has caused aggravated asthma symptoms in some women and has lowered blood glucose levels in some women with diabetes. So always check with your health professional before taking any supplement.